Why Should You Join?

Are you a high school student interested in computer science?

Want to advocate for computer science education with other Bay Area students?

Want to meet student leaders and experts in industry?

Interested in planning events in your community?


We are currently recruiting members and officers, and we want YOU to join! Read more about our mission and us:





Our required commitment is very relaxed, although many of our passionate members always exceed the expectation and go above and beyond to drive the organization towards excellence.


Most work is self-assigned and voluntary, although attending meetings is required. Despite officer positions, all members are treated equally  and we are very open to any change you believe would better our organization.

Meetings are mandatory and we request you turn on camera

Sundays: 7:30PM - 8:30PM (PST)

Wednesdays:  7:30-8:00PM

All meetings are virtual and take place on Zoom at this link

Accommodations can be made upon request

Feel free to attend a meeting just to check us out! We also often communicate on Discord

To excuse your absence from a meeting, please notify us 24 hours in advance.

You are alloted one EXCUSED meeting per month and one FREEBIE meeting (don’t have to notify 24 hours before) per annual quarter.

If absent, members/officers should communicate their progress and continue work outside of meeting hours