Who We Are & What We Do

Founded in March 2019, BAYCSC consists of a team of high schoolers who advocate for computer science education. We expose a multitude of people to the wonderful aspects of computer science by making it more fun, accessible and approachable.

Did You Know? 

  • About 61% of high school students have no access to any computer science classes in their high schools

  • Low-income students, students of color, girls, and students who live in rural areas are much less likely to have access to CS courses than their peers. Even when courses are available, few students are enrolled in these courses--just 3% of the 1.9 million high school students in California. Read more about this here.

  • Many students have the misconception that they have to be “smart enough” to do computer science

  • Computer science is not about being "smart"!

  • Even in the Bay Area, one of the most technology-advanced areas in the world, there are many students who lack access to devices needed to learn to code. 

Our Mission

  •  Coding, and the thinking process that comes with it, can be incredibly empowering. Coding develops critical thinking with thorough, systemic aproaches to problem solving.

  • The problem solving skills developed within CS have many real life applications. 

  • We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue CS and the power that lies within it- not just people who can afford the tools and technology. 

  • We provide educational events such as hackathons and speaker series to encourage learning and increase accessibility.

  • We focus on inclusion and diversity to ensure that everyone, especially minorities, receive CS exposure.

  • Anyone can learn CS and utilize the tools of coding and problem solving!

Meet Our Team Members!

dr em.jpg

Emily Thomforde

CSEd Consultant


Supriya Lall

Head Outreach Officer


Jessica Song

Head Education Officer


Ashish J.

Head Technology Officer


Sara R.

Head Equity and Diversity Officer